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This ‘Simpsons’ Fan Theory Is So Crazy It Just Might Be True

Everybody knows the Simpsons as America’s original dysfunctional family unit. But one redditor thinks the story might actually run deeper than it lets on. Stay with me now.

calm down bart, i know it’s a mind-blowing theory ­čÖé

He suggests that maybe the Simpsons takes place entirely in the minds of some small group of people.

At first this seems to contradict established Simpsons canon. (Don’t worry Simpson nerds, we’re putting this theory up to the flames!) But he goes on to┬ámake a pretty good case:

This is why the characters never seem to acknowledge the fact that there’s cameras in their private home, and why sometimes we even see into the future (which is otherwise impossible): The Simpsons are a family of people who are somehow invented by other people, and we’re seeing the not-real events of their lives, as imagined and portrayed by these people.

The theory gains some real traction when he starts to describe ways in which the Simpsons’ “makers” have left hints of their existence throughout the show’s run.

For decades, the black slate of glyphs that is presented to us on the show’s close has gone by, mostly uncommented on. We are used to seeing things we do not understand, and trusting that they mean us no harm. But what if those symbols represent phonetic references to the show’s “inventors”? This would explain why they remain mostly consistent from episode to episode: It’s a large body of people who fabricate and materialize the antics of the Simpson family.

The wall of glyphs, largely ignored
The wall of glyphs, largely ignored

He also explains why the episodes seem to vary in quality with his theory.

It’s not that the lives of the Simpsons and their friends and neighbours are getting less interesting over time; it’s that the people who are telling the Simpsons what to say and do are just people who are worse at having good ideas for things that they can do in the show. They are worse people than the older people.

Famous rap
Famous rap

And where do these people themselves exist? That, he says, is simple:┬áThey live in OUR universe. Boy, these are some serious layers we’re peeling back with this fun theory!

"Tell me more" says Milhouse
“Tell me more” says Milhouse

While this theory suggests that this group of people are deceiving us, which should rightfully fill us with the rage emotion, he ends his theory on a philosophical note.

The Simpsons’ “makers” aren’t malicious in their deception. They truly are just trying to amuse people and make a lot of money.

calm down homer, i know it’s a mind blowing theory ­čÖé


So what do you think? Are the Simpsons just a fantasy of some unseen cabal?

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