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A Map of America if Every State’s Name Was ‘Lorenzo’

American borders and politics. It’s a diverse country, with even more diverse people. Just when you think you’ve digested it all, just when you think you know what’s really happening under America’s hood, along comes a map that puts the data in context, and blows your mind. Who knows how long it took to put this data together? All I know is, I’ll never look at the United States the same again. We might just have a chance after all.

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Recursive Algorithm Design For Fools

I’m currently working on developing a tile-based (and turn-based) strategy game. The core movement procedures¬†are similar to games like Fire Emblem, Advance Wars and the like; select a unit, and based on that unit’s “speed” or “movement” rating, the surrounding tiles will be highlighted to visibly indicate where this unit can make a legal move this turn. The player, with the unit selected, then selects one of the available tiles, and unit makes its move. Fun! This mechanic requires an algorithm! In a nutshell, we need to be able to start from some origin tile, and spread outward, one tile…

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